Mini Thattu Vadai/Thattai – So Crispy!

Minu Thattu Vadai:  A popular snack from South India, thattu vadai is made occasionally on auspicious days in South Indian households. With few ingredients and a couple of techniques, the authentic taste of thattu vadai can be easily brought out. I'm a great fan of mini thattu vadai and anyone from salem can't forget the … Continue reading Mini Thattu Vadai/Thattai – So Crispy!

Masala vadai/Paruppu vadai – A Delicious Evening Snack!

Masala vadai/Paruppu vadai - Not waiting for special occasions, my mom makes this popular South Indian snack very often. We also call it as kadalai vadai and sometimes she make it along with medhu vadai. This easy to make yummy snack doesn't take much of the preparation time - Its crispy outside and soft inside. … Continue reading Masala vadai/Paruppu vadai – A Delicious Evening Snack!