Venpongal – On a Special Day!

Venpongal: Traditionally, this dish used to be prepared on special days & occasions in South India. And it tastes extremely good. I don’t remember my mom making it very often. I generally prefer making it on alternate Saturdays or once a month. So my Saturdays are made special with venpongal, coconut chutney(click here for recipe) & medhu vadai(click here for recipe) for breakfast. Sounds quite … Continue reading Venpongal – On a Special Day!

Vegetable Stew – A side for Idiyappam & Poori !

Vegetable Stew: I believe these words – necessity is the mother of inventions – are very much true. Somehow my purchase got delayed and I had very few veggies left in my fridge. I was giving a bit of thinking on what to prepare. Drawing inspiration from poori masala that my mom used to make and the avial recipe that one of my friend shared … Continue reading Vegetable Stew – A side for Idiyappam & Poori !

Onion Dosa – Tasty Mornings!

Onion Dosa Recipe: Dosa is so enticing and delicious that it has made its way into world’s best food list. I prepare dosas every other day and never really got bored of it. While we can make different dosa varieties, my all time favourites are the onion dosas. The mix of seasoned onions and the sourness of the batter, make the dosas all the more … Continue reading Onion Dosa – Tasty Mornings!

Ragi Mini Idli – Healthy Mornings!

Ragi Mini Idli Recipe: If you have read my yesterday’s post on Ragi dosa, same ingredients used in variation 2 goes into making of Ragi idlies except for that this requires fermentation of 6-7 hrs and that the batter has to be thick enough. For my kid, I give these soft mini ragi idlies with coconut milk or jam as an accompaniment while I prefer having … Continue reading Ragi Mini Idli – Healthy Mornings!

Ragi Dosa – Healthy Mornings!

Raggi Dosa Recipe: Ragi also known as finger millet is a good source of calcium and it helps improve bone strength. It controls diabetes and aids in weight loss. Mostly,seen as an healthy option, I prefer making it as part of my breakfast routine. I have shared here two dosa variations using ragi. Ragi dosa : variation 1 Ingredients: 1 cup Ragi powder 1/2 cup … Continue reading Ragi Dosa – Healthy Mornings!

Rava Onion Dosa – Instant Make!

Rava Onion Dosa Recipe: Rava dosa is one of the famous variety of South Indian dosas and has always been my favourite – one reason being the taste, the other reason being that it could be made instantly – no soaking and fermentation required for this batter.   Ingredients: 1 cup rava (semolina) 3/4 cup rice flour 1/2 cup wheat flour 1/2 cup curd 1 … Continue reading Rava Onion Dosa – Instant Make!

Mini Carrot Idli – Healthy Breakfast for kids

Mini Carrot Idli Recipe: Whether it is chappati, dosa or idli, my kid loves to dip and eat. I make these mini idlies along with coconut chutney. Its very simple, quick and at the same time healthy too. Ingredients: 1 cup idli batter 1/2 cup grated carrot Salt to taste Method: 1. Mix grated carrot with the idli batter. Add salt and keep aside. 2. Pour … Continue reading Mini Carrot Idli – Healthy Breakfast for kids

Aval Khichdi/Poha Breakfast for kids

Aval Khichdi/Poha breakfast recipe: Simple, nutritious and easy to make breakfast recipe for kids. Ingredients: 1 cup Aval/poha 1/4 cup green peas 1/4 cup carrot (cut into small pieces) 1/4 cup french beans (cut into small pieces) 1/4 cup potato (cut into small pieces) 1/2 medium sized onion 1 stalk of curry leaves Few coriander leaves 1 red chilly 1/4 tspn turmeric powder 1/2 tbl spn … Continue reading Aval Khichdi/Poha Breakfast for kids