Note from the Author

I always believed that I have a close connection to creativity and art than to anything else. My passion towards cooking discovered the chef within me and I relate cooking to art – the way vegetables are cut, the vibrant colours, the flavours and the aroma arising are simply artistic…..

It’s my love for cooking that pushed me to share the insights and experience I gained through years – mainly from my mother. My mom is an excellent cook and I always loved her preparation. Till my college completion , I had no idea what cooking is whatsoever except for making coffee and tea. It’s when I started to look out for job that I had no choice but to cook as I stayed away from home. Initially it was like solving a complex mathematical problem. I settled in my job as a marketing strategist and even switched to another company after two years and my mom moved in with me. With her guidance I occasionally cooked and then my frequency of my cooking improved. I was trained to be best in Non-veg south Indian preparation and my brother is a great fan of my cooking. Now my whole time is dedicated to researching on south Indian cuisine, preparing interesting recipes and sharing it with all the food lovers beside taking care of my family.

– Roselin Antony

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