Kadalai Mittai/Peanut chikki – An Interesting Make!

Kadalai Mittai : This is one of the most difficult posts that I've worked on so far. To get to this final stage of presentation, I had run into many trial and error stages and in the process, I've learnt the techniques to get the desired sugar syrup consistency for Kadalai Mittai and the caramel … Continue reading Kadalai Mittai/Peanut chikki – An Interesting Make!

Traditional Mysore Pak – Guest contribution from Sivakami!

Mysore Pak: My kid's school is a great place for me to network with other mommies. We are a group now and with the lil time to catch up everyday, we discuss a lot of things that are common. With Diwali around the corner, Sivakami has shared with me her mysore pak preparation that has … Continue reading Traditional Mysore Pak – Guest contribution from Sivakami!

Ellu urundai/ Sesame seeds ladoo

Ellu Urundai(til/sesame seeds ladoo) - There's lot of health benefits associated with ellu/sesame seeds. And, sesame seed oil is popular in ¬†South Indian cuisine. Still my mom uses it in lot of tangy hot curries and as a mix for idli podi. I remember when we were child, my mom used to religiously do hair … Continue reading Ellu urundai/ Sesame seeds ladoo

Butter Murukku – Just Melts!

Butter Murukku Recipe: With festive seasons around, I'm all set to make snacks and sweets. You can expect more of it in Sarah's Kitchen in the upcoming posts. Butter murukku is one of the popular South Indian snack and as the name goes, it disappears so easily as we munch on it. It's an easy … Continue reading Butter Murukku – Just Melts!

White Pumpkin Mor Kuzhambhu/Buttermilk Curry

White Pumpkin(vellai poosanikai) Butermilk Curry: After three months of raining, now Sun is back to its form. I'm trying to keep my dishes as simple and refreshing as it could be to beat the heat. Mor kuzhambhu/buttermilk curry is one such category and adds that feels so good factor. In my earlier post on ladies … Continue reading White Pumpkin Mor Kuzhambhu/Buttermilk Curry

Dal Makhani – Guest contribution from Satnam Kaur Sihra

Dal Makhani from Satnam :¬† After moving to the new place near my kids school, Satnam was the first person I got connected with. She is a warm, loving person with full of life and energy. A busy mom of two lovely kids, she teaches phonetics for kids and is so passionate about cooking. Between … Continue reading Dal Makhani – Guest contribution from Satnam Kaur Sihra

Raw Banana Chips – So Crispy & Yummy!

Raw Banana(Nendrangai) chips: This is one of the popular and trademark snacks of Kerala. And an easy to make snack too. Though we get this snack in most of the shops, only few come with that authentic taste. There's a Kerala shop near by my home where I get all these authentic Kerala products. I … Continue reading Raw Banana Chips – So Crispy & Yummy!

Kathirikai/Brinjal Masiyal – A Perfect Blend!

Kathirikai/Brinjal Masiyal - This is one of those popular dishes that's prepared across India in various states with just a few variation in the spices. My mom prepares this dish using the small brinjals that's commonly available in South India and the dish is similar to chidambaram gosthu. It tastes great with steamed rice and … Continue reading Kathirikai/Brinjal Masiyal – A Perfect Blend!

Lemon Rice – A quick make!

Lemon Rice Recipe: Can cooking be this simpler? That would be the first impression one gets when preparing lemon rice. The real flavour and taste of lemon rice lies in packing it in banana leaf. It comes under the Kattu saadhum/choru category where we pack rice for long distance travel. I still remember, how my … Continue reading Lemon Rice – A quick make!

Carrot Poriyal/Stir Fry – Simple & Tasty!

Carrot Poriyal/Stir Fry Recipe: This is an easy to make South Indian dish and it's a great accompaniment for steamed rice and sambar/karakuzhambhu(click here for Karakuzhambhu recipe). Carrots come in different colours like red, purple, yellow and white apart from the commonly available orange colour. In my local market, I get two varieties - The … Continue reading Carrot Poriyal/Stir Fry – Simple & Tasty!