Nila Vembu/King of all Bitters – Awareness from Chennai floods

Nila Vembu/King of Bitters: I was working on my new post, all set perfect to publish an interesting spinach recipe. Working on my food blog keeps me motivated. I’m energized and upbeat as I see visitors for my post. I believe that’s the way it works out for most bloggers.

2nd Dec, was not all the same. First time, I felt unhappy to publish my post. I watched with heavy heart as the news channels covered the merciless rampage by the flood waters across places in TN especially Chennai. In one way or the other, everyone in Chennai underwent their own share of ordeal – belongings washed away/submerged, no power, no network coverage, scarce food and water, no medical help, stranded inside the house, no way to commute etc., And, the most affected where the ones who had set up their houses near the river banks – for there were numerous who lost their livelihood over night. And, there were hundreds who lost their life. The selfless act by the good Samaritans showcased what it is to be humane and how humanity could overcome tragedy. Now that Chennai is slowly bouncing back to life, still there are many who are trying to come to terms with their current state of life. One thing that I’m very confident of this crowd is that they are very resilient and they are going to come back in style, stronger than ever.

However, the worst fear is shifting towards the outbreak of epidemic. There are over hundreds of medical camp that are being setup across various areas of the worst affected places. These medical camps are trying to reach out to as many people as possible to create awareness on precautionary measures, to provide medial checkup and treatments. Even before the medical camps were setup, one interesting precautionary measure that came up during the flood time was ‘Nilavembu kudineer’ drink. It’s an herbal preparation and is known to boost immunity against infectious diseases. Also provides great relief for common ailment like fever, pain, cold during monsoon season. Sometimes around last monsoon when there was a fear of dengue outbreak, this drink has started to gain popularity. In TN, it’s available in lot of medical counters as well in ‘naatu marundhu kadai’. Using the Nila vembu leaf(fresh/dried), we could easily prepare kashayam/drink at home. Every bit of the plant is bitter and its bitter than you could imagine. Its bitterness comes with so much goodness that from leaf to root its been used for medicinal purposes. Though it had gained popularity in recent times, its been in Ayurvedic medicinal use for many centuries.  It’s known to fight diabetes, cancer, viral fever, allergies etc.,

I’m planning to get some dried/fresh leaves. Once I come up with my own drink, I will update the blog with the image of Nila vembu and its drink.

I hope this information is helpful for the viewers.

Stay Healthy!



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