Snake Gourd Recipe / Pudalangai Poriyal

Snake Gourd Recipe:

Snake Gourd tastes absolutely great with channa dhal and grated coconut.  I like both the veg and non-veg versions. My mom prepares it with prawns and it taste so good – I”ll share the recipe in one of my upcoming posts.

snake gourd


1 cup snake gourd
1/2 medium sized onion
1/4 cup channa dhal
1 tspn urad dhal
1 green chilly
1 red chilly
1 sprig of curry leaves
1/2 tspn cummin seeds
1/2 tspn mustard seeds
Salt to taste

Pressure cook:

Pressure cook channa dhal for three whistles.


1. Heat oil in a pan – add mustard seeds & urad dhal to it. As the mustard seeds splutter, add red chilly, curry leaves and cummin seeds.

2. Now add the onions and green chilly – sauté until the onions turn translucent.

3. Then add the snake gourd and the pressure cooked channa dhal. Add little water and cook in medium flame with closed lid for 7-10 mins.

4. Once the vegetable is completely cooked, sauté for 2 minutes in high flame and switch off the stove.

5. Serve hot with rice.

1. Top it with grated coconut (optional)
2. Instead of channa dhal we can use coarsely ground roasted gram powder. Roasted gram powder should be added just before switching off the stove.

Happy Cooking!


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