Mini Carrot Idli – Healthy Breakfast for kids

Mini Carrot Idli Recipe:

Whether it is chappati, dosa or idli, my kid loves to dip and eat. I make these mini idlies along with coconut chutney. Its very simple, quick and at the same time healthy too.

mini idli


1 cup idli batter
1/2 cup grated carrot
Salt to taste


1. Mix grated carrot with the idli batter. Add salt and keep aside.

2. Pour the batter using your tablespoon onto the mini idli plates. Steam them for 5-7 minutes. They cook faster than the normal idlies

3. Serve with chutney or sambar.

4. Saute it with ghee and idli podi to eat without dip.

Note: I bought these mini idli plates while I was in chennai. I researched its availability online – there are different versions available. Hence, I’m attaching the Pic for your reference


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